Soloports                                                                                                 Mobile terminals for individual supplementary air traffic.

Heliports                                                                                                   Round, square, or triangular landing areas for helicopters with or without lighting.

Holyport                                                                                                Turnover points for spiritual seizures and afflications.

Hydroport                                                                                                      for hydroplanes of any category, ducks, fish, beavers, muskrats, frogs, insects.

Fishops                                                                                             Submarine drop-in center for weakened sea creatures.

Teleports                                                                                         Connection point for automotive and volatility processes.

Othopteraports                                                                                     Species-specific aerodromes and biotopes for grasshoppers and other hopper species.

Ornithoports                                                                                          Landing facilities and observation zones for protected bird traffic.

Airshiphop                                                                                         Anchorage system for new technology dirigible airships, mobile passenger gate.

Polyports                                                                                            Polyports are take-off and landing points for a wide range of mobility requirements and travel techniques.