Site specific and exeptional general Aviation

Takeoff- and Landing- Facilities

Takeoff and landing platformes for polysemous encounters and flight procedures.


The basic configuration consists of a universal hub with several terminals for regional traffic connections in accordance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) guidelines for minimal airports. 

Modules and variants

From land to landing site – project process

Request and letter of intent
leads to
site evaluation, site analysis, eco-inventory
leads to
Project and development planning
leads to
Binding target agreement
leads to
Project development
leads to                                                                    Free access for free flights and encounters


Geographic data collection,
Capture of the entire air traffic volume
Integration of local specifics
Traffic connections, orientation, security, control

Situational and individual configuration
Instruments, technology
Branding, service


From a minimal facility to several application-based planning variants to a complex site-specific polyport.

Customized take-off and landing facilities                     in the gaps of any network.
Every platform can be an airfield.


We distinguish between mobile and static facilities
for temorary or permanent sustainable facilities
for seasonal or year-round operation.
Indoor or outdoor plants.

Basic facility airside

take-off and landing area, safety zones
Threshold light
Approach lights
Obstruction lights
Driveway and handling area
Control tower with windsock and traffic signalization

Basic facility landside

Landing stage
Security gate
Control and reception
Public and service area

Connections between the airport areas
International connections

Individual Expansion modules

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